jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

[Game Chef 2011] The Frame Story

It was a warm and cozy summer night, and King Oberon and Queen Titania were in one of their customary gatherings. During the Chat, Oberon made a bold claim, as he had done so many times before. His argument was that he, being a Master Seducer, was capable of making any lady fall in love with him, either a mortal woman or a faerie.

Titania, tired of her partner's usual airs and arrogance, and in full knowledge of his skills and weaknesses, replied with an argument of her own. She remarked that what Oberon was calling Love was in fact something very different, and that he did not know the true meaning of the word.

After several hours of pointless debate, they finally agreed to settle it with a bet. Each one of them would send to the Mortal Realm one of their more trusted servants, in a quest to find the true meaning of Love and bring back irrefutable evidence to their masters. Hopefully that would give either the King or the Queen some proof to back their claims.

Oberon decided to send the sharp and witty Puck, while Titania sent the wise and persuasive Mab. The time limit for their quest would be up until the summer solstice, and failure would mean exile from Faerie.

Oberon's argument is that Love is all about lust and sex. Men want it, women use it as currency, and the only way to True Love is through willing physical intimacy and conditionless abandon.

Titania's argument is that Love is all about dominion and control. People always want control over others, and only by forswearing that control and seeing the person as your equal can True Love be attained.

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