miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

[Mythender] Creando un personaje...

Mythender es un juego en desarrollo del diseñador Ryan Macklin.

En su blog soltó el capítulo de Creación de Personajes para poder recibir retroalimentación y editar el juego apoyándose en ese playtesting.

Yo soy un gran fan de este proyecto, y apenas puedo esperar a que lo termine para poder llegar a tenerlo en mis manos.

Por lo pronto, contribuyo creando mi propio personaje. (Y ustedes disculparán que empleé la lengua de Shakespeare.)

Tácal, the Bronze Skinned

Mythender History: Exile

Why were you cast out?
I'm the son of a native of Norden and a foreign and beautiful woman from far away across the sea. When a Myth killed both of my parents, my half-blooded origin made the people fear and hate me. "It was your alien blood the thing that brought the Myth to us in the first place!"

What skill has best served you in surviving?
I have always been practical, tough and stubborn. When you are on your own, you'd better adapt and depend on nothing and no one.

What about mortal nature is wrong?
Mortals fear the unknown. What mortals fear, mortals hate. Myths know and encourage that.

Mythender Weapons

(New Heart's Connection)

My knowledge of Foreign Rituals (Intrinsic) is my Weapon. (Earth-quaking 4)

I use it to end Myths by making them to face Forces they prefer to ignore and underestimate.

My Obsidian Blade (Relic) is my Weapon. (God-slaying 3)

I use it to end Myths by slashing them with the embodiment of That Which They Do Not Know.

My eagle Ehecal (Companion) is my Weapon. (God-slaying 3)

I use it to end Myths by using him as a medium to channel the Powers of Those Mortals Long Gone.

Mythender Fate: Myth of Death

The Presence of Death
Strong and hot winds slowly erode the landscape and water slowly transforms into blood around me.

Mortal Form
A short and wiry mestizo of exotic features, tanned skin, brown eyes and black straight hair, scantily clad in rags and feathers.

Godly Form
A gigantic Feathered Serpent with silver feathers and bronze scales, whose very breath bloodily slashes the living and whose venom rots everything on its wake.

Paragon Form
A short and wiry mestizo with jet-black eyes and bronze-like skin.

Supernatural Form
A tall and wiry human with scaled bronze skin, jet-black eyes, large fangs and steel colored feathers instead of hair.