jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

[Game Chef 2011] Puck and Mab

Faeries are a mysterious, powerful and appealing folk. They are wise beyond human understanding, and as beautiful as the untamed natural world. They might appear mischievous and childish, but one should never forget they always have powerful reasons to do what they do (and powerful magic to back their words and actions).

They posses the ability to change their size (appearing as tall as giants, or as small as bees) and appearance (from their blindingly beautiful natural looks to plain and unremarkable human-looking disguises, even being capable of emulating a particular individual’s appearance). They can fly at will, turn invisible and communicate with any natural being. Their voices are sweet, pleasant and compelling.

Even the lowest servant of the Kings of Faerie is fairer, sharper and more passionate than the highest mortal being.

But, what does that mean for this game? You’ll be playing the most trusted servants to the Faerie Kings. Both Puck and Mab are some of the most beautiful, brilliant, powerful and resourceful inhabitants of Faerie. They are both very capable and will probably be able to success in anything they attempt.

Puck is a witty, cock-sure, adaptive, practical, deceiving and charismatic bastard.

Mab is a sensible, acid, intuitive, perfectionist, overbearing and seductive mistress.

Both love/hate each other, and love to outwit each other. This quest is a great opportunity for them to compete and prove who is the best, by proving which master is right about their claims. Down deep inside, both of them know they have a lot to learn about Love and human nature, though.

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